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Finally, the full-length version of the film is now available to the public and no longer requires a password to be seen.

Here is the link to the film (opens new window):

You can also watch the trailer and some excerpts from the film below.

Thanks for your interest!

“For the Life of Me” trailer:


A dramatic clip from the film:

A brief narrative about how the real genesis for the film took place in a hospital room:


6 thoughts on “View the Film”

  1. I now live at Jan van Eijckstraat 11 in Amsterdam and I try to gather up information about the inhabitants of the house during WW II.

    • Hi Yael,

      Where are you located? I can give you a choice. You can see the final edit with temporary music now, or you can wait a month or two and see the final version. We have a Vimeo link for the temp version currently that I can send. Your choice.
      Thanks for your interest.

  2. Very interested to view your film. I’m wondering if the Holocaust Commission here in my area is aware of it.
    Judy Darsky
    Larchmont, NY

    • Hi Judith. Thanks for your interest. I will send you the link and password shortly. You’ll be one of the first to see our final edit that we just finished a week ago. Only missing final music and mix.
      I doubt that the Holocaust Commission in Larchmont is aware of it, however. Hope we can correct that.


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