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  1. John, my suggestion is to go to JewishGen.com and sign up. That’s where I started, and found it to be an incredible resource. Start with their database and search name and/or place. Then go to their Special Interest Groups, GerSig in you case. That’s where I’ve put out many many questions over the years, and have been linked up with some wonderful people and their resources. Unless your question is really obscure, you’ll get answer 99% of the time.

  2. Pete: At your convenience, I would greatly appreciate a few pointers as to how to research my heritage in Germany. I know that there was a strong Jewish side to my father’s family. But he rarely spoke about it to me. He came to the US in 1924 as Berlin was in upheaval. His father, my grandfather died as a hero in WWI. Yet, his mother, my Grandmother, died in a labor camp in Germany in, I think, 1944 while I was born in 1945. I have a significant number of cards and letters from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. However, most are written in the old German script. While my wife can read German, she can’t decipher the old script.
    Would greatly appreciate your thoughts.
    Thank you.
    John Stoesser


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