What an experience the film recounts: to have a whole new world open suddenly at one’s feet, and such a rich and multifarious world. A world fraught with sadness and horror to be sure, but even more deeply characterized by perseverance and solidarity and honor.

Andrew Kesler – Professor/Script Analysis, Columbia College Hollywood

I was so moved seeing those images that I just sat there trying to see through the tears. Seeing the Bloomfield house and remembering all those times as you and I  grew up.  Just amazing to me that so much of your parents’ life was captured on film and that you were able to find it and preserve it. Brilliantly done. All the best in getting it out there to a greater audience.

Jim Henrikson, Pres. Mandala Music, Santa Rosa, CA

It was a very unique experience for me as I was greatly surprised to see what a filmmaker can do with some old family pictures and films not to mention a lot of research. Great job!

Sam A Lavi DMD, Studio City, CA

Kudos to GerSIG member Peter Vanlaw for presenting his movie at the JGSLA meeting on September 10th. It told the history of his German parents who hid their Jewish background from the world (and from him) for nearly 50 years. It is called “For the Life of Me.” An emotional and lovely presentation.

Barbara Algaze, Librarian, Jewish Genealogical Society, L.A. Chapter

Last evening the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles (JGSLA) screened two powerful documentaries which grapple with the secrets, lies and emotional fallout experienced by those with diverse connections to the Shoah. Both films are excellent documentaries that should be seen by Middle School and High School students in both the Jewish Day Schools and in the public schools. Adults of all ages should see the films as well.

Sally Goodman, Educator, Los Angeles

 Thanks so much for the extra ticket so I could attend the screening of your amazing and emotional journey through the history of your family.  It was a very thought-provoking . . .

Judy Knight Hillary

Fantastic film! There’s been a HUGE amount more information and film than the last time I saw your work! Truly a continuing work in progress.

David Scully, Prof. Instructional Technology & Design

It was an extraordinary evening! I keep thinking about your discovery and your first viewings of the films. Wow, I can barely begin to imagine what it was like for you.  I’m thinking of questions for you – too overwhelmed to ask last night.

Leslie Zurla, Artist/Producer


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  1. I loved this film and am eager for it to reach larger audiences. It’s truly a miraculous story of discovery and healing. It made me aware of the tendency of families to protect their secrets and the importance of uncovering and sharing them.


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