Allen Daviau beside motion picture camera on set.

A Tribute to Allen Daviau

How does a person go from camera store clerk to world-respected ASC cinematographer? With a little encouragement from friends, of course.

Older gentleman embraces two ladies, all three dressed for going out.

Tribute to TC

A Tale of Two Careers Tim Considine, my long time friend and film making partner, passed away on March 3, 2022. Tim was 81 years old. Nevertheless it really came as a shock because we just had lunch together, after a long hiatus. But what made it even sadder, we both thought the hiatus was finally over, and had been talking about our next lunch. Tim was always TC and I was always PV. It was from the fondly remembered … Read More

Ruth Levy Raymond aka “Mamaroo”

The Passing of a Dear Friend Ruth Levy Raymond was a woman of many talents. She was an artist, a cowboy poet, a singer, and an author of children’s books. But beyond that, she was best known as a world class race car driver and competitor in a man’s sport. She was also a very dear friend. Sadly, Ruth passed away just two days before Christmas, last December 23, 2014. This is not the usual context from which I blog, because this time I’m coming from the … Read More