You May Have a Story to Tell

Is yours hidden behind family secrets?

For instance: 
1. You were never raised a Jew, but only learned later in life.
2. Your heritage was hidden behind a wall of family secrets.
3. Maybe it was hidden behind your own denial, or both.
4. Or, you discovered a fascinating story about a relative that’s worth telling.

Please sample any or all of the ones we’ve already told:

Sharon Squires’, “A Study in Denial” (upper left)

Ilonka Alexander’s, “The Pain of Family Secrets” (center)

Frannie Sheridan’s “Never Tell Anyone!”. (upper right)

Or the very dramatic WWII stories about relatives, like…

Mark Stevens, “The German Jew Who Bombed Berlin”. (lower left) and….

Marcy Hanigan’s, “The Thirty Year Search for Mike Zanger” (lower center) 

Or, my own story – the one that started my Blog: “The Day I Learned I was a Jew” (lower right)

If your story is like any of these, and you’d like to share it on my web site, please email me at 
I can also help you write it!


I invite your comments!

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